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EG: (r)Evolution of Gender Exhibition.

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Artist Statement

A multimedium artist working in art and technology.

Neither nor. Either or. None of the Above. All of the Above. Depends on the day. Muppet identified. Gender is a limitation. A box that I don’t fit in and don’t care to. My identity doesn’t require a gender. I don’t feel a need to change my body, but I don’t feel an allegience with the gender my body apparently details. My choromosonal makeup fades the lines of gender, though it doesn’t make me intersexed. I don’t fit into any of the black and white categories that gender presumes to lay out.

Dangerously pegged as a freak in small town Iowa, I escaped in my teens to Belgium where I found myself much freer to co-exist with the creative force. From that distance I began to develop my visual voice.

Titling is important to the methodology of my paintings. Titles almost always come before the paintings. Most of my works are fully composed in my head before I paint them. The drawings that are the foundation of my paintings are often done independently, but they exist just as drawings until there is a title. As soon as there is a title, I can see the piece in its entirety.

My figures are austere forms, line drawings with direct broad strokes that I can not help but draw. I immerse myself in the transformation of these figures into a work, intuitively painting the time and place for them. Interpreting their story without limiting it or isolating its meaning. These works comment on the world around me.

Visually, I am primarily self taught. Most of my education was in a musical vein. My visual work is influenced by the performance and musical work. The improvisational nature of my compositions and the experiences of many years of involvement with collaborative music environments on the internet have made their mark.

My works deal with raw emotion addressing potential violence, violation and vulnerability. They touch on the fight for respect and control in life. Degrees of loss of control over one’s existence. The force of will required to move beyond the fragility of physical existence. They are executed in digital collage realized on Giclée Canvas and as acrylic on panel with 3-D sculptural elements forcing their way out of the 2-D painting.

Art and technology are inseparable, and working digitally is a new medium. Painting digitally or with acrylic, the creative process is the same. My drawings begin with paper and ink, forming the basis of my paintings that are created in the digital realm. My computer is an extension of me. I am tied to it in a way that makes it more than a tool or assistant. The finished works return to the physical world as Giclée canvas or photobase & live projection.




Solo and Duo Exhibtions	
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, MO 2004
Killer Banshee Studios, The State of the Studio, Oakland, CA 2003
Dance Mission, Displacement/Flux, San Francisco, CA, November 2002
SomArts, Flux, San Francisco, June 2002

Group Exhibitons MoMo, Kansas City, MO 2003 SomArts, National Queer Arts Festival, EG: (r)Evolution of Gender, San Francisco, CA 2003
Pro Arts, East Bay Open Studios 2003, Oakland, CA 2003
Richmond Art Center, Members Only, Richmond, CA 2003
Bucci’s/Heritage Square, Right Mind(s), Emeryville, CA, 2003
Killer Banshee Studios, East Bay Open Studios, Oakland, CA, 2002
Noodle Factory, West Oakland Day of Art, Oakland, CA, 2002
Noodle Factory, Land of Frienz, Oakland, CA, 2002
Pilsen Art Walk, Boxes in Depth, Chicago, CA, 1996 Book Art The Bainsi‚ Book & CD-Rom (ed of 30, with Eliot Daughtry & AJ Elledge), 1997 Ltd. Edition Engagement Calendar (with Eliot Daughtry & AJ Elledge), 1998 Ltd. Edition Wall Calendar (with Eliot Daughtry), 1999

Digital Video Projects Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF G&L Intíl Film Festival, Straightsploitation, Steakhaus Productions, San Francisco, CA, 2002 Sundance, SXSW, Sydney, London, Oslo, Paris & 50 other festivals worldwide, 10 awards By Hook or By Crook, Steakhaus Productions, Various Locations 2001 Roxie Theater, Steakhaus Night at the Roxie, San Francisco, CA 2001
Live Video Improvisational Performance Sacrafice, 40 at Sacrafice, San Francisco, CA, 2003 40th Street Space, 40 at 40th, Oakland, CA, 2003 Dance Mission, Displacement, San Francisco, CA, 2002 Oakland Metro, World HomoHop Fest, Oakland, CA, 2002
Live Audio Performance ëPassiondollí (A collaborative experimental music project with Eliot Daughtry) 111 Minna Gallery, Red as part of Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers 2.0, San Francisco, CA 1999 The Lab, Red as part of Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers, San Francisco, CA, 1999 Club Lower Links, Joan Jett Blakk for Mayor (with Gurlene & Joan Jett Blakk), Chicago, IL 1993
Live Audio Online Collaboration Group ìBad'n'Wrongî
(A collaborative experimental music project existing exclusively in Cyberspace with Eliot Daughtry)
On the Boards Studio Theater, Electromuse II, Seattle, WA, 1999 Gemini, John Perry Barlowís 50th Birthday Party, New York, NY, 1998 Musik Messe, Performance Demonstration, Frankfurt, Germany, 1998 Wembley Stadium, New Music Festival, London, England, 1997 Centre Pompidou, New Music Center, ircam, Paris, France, 1997
Dance Vickers Theater, Michigan Arts in a Co-Production between Killer Banshee Productions and Abiogenesis, Do you have special needs? Site specific on disability & nuclear emergency Planning, Three Oaks, MI, 1998. Natíl Womenís Music Fest & venues in Chicago & Madison, Trip Hop Tango on disability & sexuality, 1996-98 Very Special Arts-Chicago Schools Dance>Detour mixed abilities dance company, Chicago, IL, 1997-1998. Chenin Center for the Arts Dance>Detour mixed abilities dance company, Chicago, IL, 1998.

Red - Passiondoll (with Eliot Daughtry), (compilation Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers), 1999 Live Soundscapes vol. 1, BadíníWrong, 1997 Vicious Ambience, Passiondoll (with Eliot Daughtry), 1996 Have a Nice Day, See You, Passiondoll (with God is My Co-Pilot), 1996 Sound Design
By Hook or By Crook (as Killer Banshee Studios, with Eliot Daughtry) a film by Harriet Dodge and Silas Howard, Steakhaus Productions, 2001. 1061 Knapsack (as Killer Banshee Studios with Eliot Daughtry), a film by Ross Schuman, 2001.
Godspeed (with Eliot Daughtry), a multimedia performance by Lynn Breedlove of Tribe 8, 2002. Technical Production Res Rocket/Rocket Network Prix Ars Electronica 1999 NAMM Rocket Network official launch party, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Wah Wah Watson, and Chico Freeman, Los Angeles, CA, 1999 BBC Tomorrowís World Mega Lab ë99, Them Belly Full War Child Charity Single with SinÈad OíConnor, Brinsley Forde, Lucky Dube, Thomas Dolby Robertson, Coldcut, a.o. London, England 1999 Eíxpressionís Music Center, Music Business 2005 Conference, Steve Miller, Jerry Harrison, David Kahne, David Pack, and Arne Frager, Emeryville, CA, 1999, Sly-Fi Network Release in conjunction with Res Rocket, San Francisco, CA, 1998 EQ Blue Ribbon Award 1997 The Lab, Silent Night, Holy Noise, an evening of very quiet sound, Kathy Kennedy, San Francisco, CA 2000 111 Minna & The Lab, Aural Fixation, San Francisco, CA 1999 Hotel Utah, Queer Cultural Center, Harvey Milk, Venue 9, Red Doraís Bearded Lady Truckstop CafÈ,
Godspeed, Lynn Breedlove, San Francisco, CA, 2002 Noodle Factory, Land of Frienz, Wendy-O-Matik, Fly, Bucky Sinister, Oakland, CA 2002 Glama-Rama, 100% Fruit, BHOBC Fundraiser, San Francisco, CA, 2001
CD Production & Recording Godspeed Books on CD 2003 Womperlandia Childrenís Recording 2002 Sini Anderson Spoken Word Recordings 2002 Godspeed Tour CD 2002 Tribe Spit Deep Tour CD 2002 Zero Contents Greatest Fckn Hitz 2002 Tribe 8 @ Paradise Lounge 2001 Silent Night, Holy Noise 2000 Aural fixation 1998, 1999
Audio Post, ADR, Voice Over & SFX for Digital Video Miss Hell, Mr. Cross, Steakhaus Productions, 2002 Fumbling Toward Rock, Tara Jepson & Beth Lisick, Steakhaus Productions, 2002 By Hook or By Crook, Harry Dodge & Silas Howard, Steakhaus Productions, 2001 1061 Knapsack, Ross Schuman, Steakhaus Productions, 2001

Tour/Performance Support
Godspeed, Lynn Breedlove 2002 TSDí02 Tribe Spit Deep 2002 Sister Spit 1999-2001 Tribe 8 1996-2002 Deep Dickollective 2002

Website Design & Graphic Design (community/non-commercial)
Killer Banshee Studios 1994-Present Tribe 8 2000-Present Lesbian Avengers 1995-Present Steakhaus Productions 2001-Present Sister Spit 1999-Present Godspeed 2002-Present
Private Collections
Jim Renz - San Francisco, CA Mark & Mary De Jong - Pella, IA Debra Hemrich - San Francisco, CA Isabella Jane De Jong - S. Pines, NC Thurston Graham - Oakland, CA Craig & Hinton De Jong - S. Pines, NC Fly - New York, NY Nick Winterhalter - Oakland, CA Graham Lloyd - Bay Area, CA

Taking the Leap, A professional practicum for Visual Artists, Emeryville, CA Bachelors of Music, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

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