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Use of these images is authorized only for publication in press relating to the EG: (r)Evolution of Gender Exhibition.

All images below © Jordy Jones.

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Artist Statement

Jordy Jones is a bijou transomi always game to wrap
his luppers round a bona cartso, park a plate or offer
a dolly dish to a bold basket.

His latest passion is ‘polari’, the lost underground speech of
English gay men,derived from a combination of lingua franca,
cockney, and sailor slang, and demonstrated above.

He is an artist, writer, curator and community advocate.
He has worked artistically with venues as diverse as Intermedia
Arts Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Guggenheim Soho and the De
Waag Society for Old and New Media Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
He is proud to serve the queer community on the LGBT Advisory
Committee of the SF Human Rights Commission, on the Board
of Directors of the SF LGBT Pride Celebration Committee. He is
past co-chair of the San Francisco Transgender Civil Rights Implementation
Task Force. He is pursuing a Master's degree in Museum Studies at SFSU
and will begin doctoral work in 2003 in Visual Studies at the University of
California at Irvine, where he will be a UC Chancellors Fellow and will
write a dissertation cultural history of trans* communities.




Jordy Jones ´
Artist ´ Curator ´ Writer ´ Designer ´ Community Advocate ´ Event Producer Exhibitions: 2002 Theater Rhino, 25 Rhinos ´ Spot the Rhino é Mixed Media 2000 Circle Elephant Arts, LA, CA ´ Urban Myths ´ Daddy/Boy - Digital Print 1999 Yerba Buena Center, SF, CA ´ GLBT HS Art & Award Affair ´ Daddy/Boy - Digital Print 1998 The LAB, SF, CA ´ Patriotism ´ The First Amendment and the Refusal of Information 1998 Guggenheim Soho, NY, NY ´ BRANDON ´ Multi-author cyberspace upload in collaboration w/Shu Lea Cheang - The Village Voice called it "The Inaugural Piece in the Canon of On-line Art" Also presented at Ames Court, Austin Hall, Harvard Law School Cambridge, MA, Aug. Ű98 ´ The De Waag Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Nov '99 ´ The LUX Gallery, London, Oct '99 ´ Site Gallery, London, Nov '99 1997 University of California at Irvine Gallery, Irvine, CA ´ Work/Space - Corpus - Video Installation 1996 Southern Exposure Gallery, SF, CA ´ Work/Space - Corpus - Video Installation & the Corpus website:>work/space>artists>jordyjones 1996 Intermedia Arts Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN ´ The Genders that Be AmbigGenit/Photo/Quark .1-.5 - Digital Output, Injectable MAN, Video & the AmbigGen. website:>jordyjones 1995 Morphos Gallery at SOMAR, SF, CA ´ Psychoanalysis and Art: The Re/Embodiment of Desire - AmbigGenit/Photo/Quark .1 - .5 - Digital Output & Fresh Foot Traffic - Video 1995 Walter/McBean Gallery, SFAI, SF, CA ´ Contact - The 114th Annual Exhibition Fresh Foot Traffic - Video & London A-Z - Video ´ Catalog Published 1995 Southern Exposure Gallery, SF, CA ´ Cyberstroika Queer Identity Project - Installation w/product Prototypes and Video 1993 SF Arts Commission Gallery, SF, CA ´ Dress / Code Reflect #1 - Installation w/digital Output, Wall Mirror, Light Projection 1992 LACE Gallery, LA, CA ´ Issues of Choice - Concealed Issue - Digital Output 1991 New Langton Arts, SF, CA ´ Musee dÝHonneur Miniscule The Marriage of Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys ´ Installation ´ Catalog Published 1991 University of Alaska Gallery, Anchorage, AK ´ Soft Copy - System 31 - Interactive Hypermedia Videography: 1998 SHOOT! - 21st Int. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival panel - Tranny Boys Talk Sex and Videotape, Counting Past 2: Toronto, Trans Art '99 1997 SHOTGUN - previewed at Cal State University/Northridge, premiered at the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, shown at TRANScentral @ the Lab, The 1st Int. Transgender Film Festival, London England, Trannyfest, SF 1997 Injectable Man - MIX festival, NYC '97 ´ Walker Arts Center & Intermedia Arts, MN '99 ´ OutWrite Queer Films '99 1995 London A- Z - Contact - The 114th Annual Exhibition: Catalog ´ Films & Videos by the Ho'y Underground, ATA, SF, CA & Frauenkino XENIA, Zurich, Switzerland 1995 Fresh Foot Traffic - Contact - The 114th Annual Exhibition , Catalog ´ Morphos Gallery at SOMAR, SF, CA - Psychoanalysis and Art: The Re/Embodiment of Desire Teaching 2002 SF State University é TA in Art History for Dr. Richard Mann é assist in curriculum development, slide selection. Full charge of grading and commentary on student blue book essays. 2002 SF State University é presentation to City Supervisor Tom AmmianoÝs class on Power and Politics in Queer San Francisco 1999 SF State University - presentation to Paula Levine's class in New Media 1998 SF Art Institute - presentation to Sharon Grace's class in New Media 1997 UC Davis - BRANDON - presentation to Sue-Ellen CaseÝs Graduate Theater Seminar 1997 Cal State Northridge - presentation to Jacob Hale's Philosophy class Curation 2001 Curator - Trans-Art 2001 - Month-long, Trans-themed series of exhibits, panels and performances held in collaboration with the GLBT Historical Society and the SF Public Library 1999 Curator - TransART'99 - Trans-themed Visual Art Exhibition for Forward Motion Conference 1999 Curator - Transit Case - Making a Case for Community History - Castro Theater Mezzanine & Pride Pavillion - sponsored by the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California 1997 Curator - TRANScentral - The LAB, SF, CA - Three nights of visual art, performance, readings, and music on the theme of TRANSness 1995 Curator - Art.Crime: where the risks are real - Build Gallery, SF, CA - A selection of Art embodying the Legislatively Criminal 1992 Curatorial Assistant - Information, Culture, Technology - Curated by George Legrady at SFSU New work in new media addressing the cultural implications of recent technological advances 1991 Curatorial Intern - New Langton Arts - Selection, Preparation and Installation of Exhibits 1990 Curator - California Car Culture - A one-day outdoor exhibit of modified vehicles Museum Experience 2002 Dolby Laboratories Corporate Museum, San Francisco, CA Curatorial Assistant - Responsibilities included: preparation of cinema equipment for exhibit on noise reduction technology in film, selection of didactical materials to accompany exhibit, installation 1999-00 Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA - Assistant Registrar/Coordinator of Traveling Exhibits - Responsibilities included: tracking exhibitions, telephone communications, correspondence, condition reporting, facilities inspection, supervising volunteers, special projects. 1998-99 Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA, Western Jewish History Center Archives Assistant - Responsibilities included: assisting archivist with arrangement, description and preservation of collections, processing incoming collections, assisting visiting scholars with research and location of required historical material. Writing/Editorial 2002 Article included in Dr. Helen Hok-Sze LeaungÝs Reader for Graduate Seminar in Theories of Queer Genders at Simon Fraser University, Toronto 2002 Article in Other é a literary journal 1996-02 Articles in TNT- Transexual News Telegraph 1998-00 Frontiers Magazine - Interviews and Articles on the Arts and Culture 1995 F to M Trans Conference is a First - Cuir Underground, SF Calendar of Alternative Sexuality 1993-94 Mostly Reading Avital - and other articles for: FAD (Fashion Art Design) Magazine 1988-89 Publisher / Editor - SF Art Eye - SFAI Performances/Readings 1998 San Francisco Art Institute - 1998 Salon Series - Injectable Man - Ongoing Performance 1995 Luna Sea, SF, CA - The Switch Show - Injectable Man - Ongoing Performance 1993-97 Assorted Venues, SF, CA - The Buddha Nature - Ongoing Performance 1995 Sister Spit, SF, CA é Jordy Jones Reads to Girlz - Selected Readings 1993 SF WomenÝs Building, SF CA - Feminism, What Kind? Paracritical Cannibalism II - Performance with Christine Tamblyn 1992 Museo Contempo at Third Wave Dance House, SF CA K-12 Early Lessons Never Learned - Multimedia Performance with Artducks Performance Group Panels 1999 Forward Motion Conference, Los Angeles, CA é 4th annual F to M conference 1997 Frameline, SF, CA - Tranny Boys Talk Sex & Videotape 1996 Harvey Milk Institute, SF CA - Genderupture - Co-organized a Day of Gender Investigation Film/TV Appearances 2000 Gendernauts - Monika Treut - featured in her film 1997 Transsexual Menace - Rosa Von Praunheim - featured in his film 1997 Dutch TV Station VERONICA - Braad Gaat Extreem - An infiltration in various cultures 1996 Conceiving Ada - Appearance as videographer in Lynn HershmannÝs project 1996 A Shot of Manhood - Clarke, Hillary - subject of BBC2 Documentary - Sept. 1992 Wild Wheels - Blank, Harrod - Footage from California Car Culture Press/Newspapers/Magazines/Books 2001 Herrera, Chris é Trans-Art presents innovative four-part Series é SF Chronicle online 2001 Gabriel, Paul é GLBT Historical Society Dramatically Expands Its Exhibition Schedule Our Stories, Vol. 15 No. 3 2001 Mardon, Mark é In Trans We Trust é B.A.R. é May 2001 Case, Sue-Ellen é Sex, Gender and Cyberspace é Women in German - March 2000 McMillan, Dennis - Historical Society Turns 15; Throws Big Party for $$ - Bay Times - April 1998 Immergut, Debra Jo - The Gallery: Guggenheim in Cyberspace -The Wall Street Journal - Sept. 1998 Helfand, Glen - Brandon's World -Wired Magazine - Oct 1998 Halberstam, Judith - Female Masculinity - Duke Press 1997 Stephanie Ellis - Parallax 5 - Work/Space: Visual Relations Incorporate 1997 Gamson, Joshua A. - Freaks Talk Back - University of Chicago Press 1996 Treut, Monika - Future Sex - Gay Times, London, England - Sept. 1996 Marsian - Strap-on Gurls & Pussy Boys Proudly presents Susan Stryker - F magazine - May 1996 Stryker, Susan - Gay by the Bay - A History of Queer Culture in the SF Bay Area - Chronicle 1996 Gold, Rachel - Why Do We Look? - Focus Point Arts and Entertainment - March 1995 Linn, Amy - Sometime Girls will be Boys - SF Weekly - Oct . 1995 Winter, Jeffrey - A Gentle Push over the Edge: JonesgangSemioticWeaponryÝs art.crime at BUILD - SF Bay Times - Sept. 1995 Smith, Cherry - What Makes a Man? - Attitude - Jan. 1994 Conklin, Dennis - Human Rights Commission Addresses TG Issues - B.A.R. - May 1994 Souter, Tessa - The Third Sex - London Independent Sunday Supplement - Oct. 1994 Fish - Da Feets - SF Bay Times - Sept. 1992 New Langton Arts Annual Catalog 1991 Powers, Ann - You Can Drive My Car - Art On Wheels Gathers in SF - SF Weekly, Aug. 1991 Evans, J. & Kostel, Susan - A Novel Concept in the Art of Dissent - SF Daily Journal, Feb. 1967 Barnes, Pat - Four Hamsters Make Scene at Vaca Art League Boutique -Vacaville Reporter Design Digital Imaging ´ Photomanipulation ´ On-line & Print Media ´ Illustration Logos ´ Production ´ Advertising ´ CDs ´ Ephemera ´ Promotional Items Art Direction ´ Brainstorming ´ Concept Development ´ Team Player 1993-02 Working independently and with Service Station Design Cooperative Clients include UC Davis and Santa Cruz, Ziff-Davis Press, Galoob Toys, GLBT Historical Society, Frameline, SF Bay Times, Parallax, Zaccho Dance Company, Proactivenet. 1998 Vice-Versa Design Award - Best Cover Design, bi-weekly category Community/Volunteer Work 2002 Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco ýin appreciative public recognition of distinction and merit for outstanding service to a significant portion of the people of the City and County of San Franciscoţ 2002 Member, Board of Directors, SF Pride Parade and Celebration Committee 2002 Member, Screening Committee, Frameline & San Francisco IntÝl. Gay & Lesbian Film Fest 2000-02 Co-chair, San Francisco Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force 2000é02 Member, LGBT Advisory Committee, San Francisco Human Rights Commission 1999-02 Secretary - Board of Directors, The LAB, SF 1999 Certificate of Appreciation for Community Service - GLBT Historical Society 1996 Pro Bono Design - publicity for HERMP (Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage Protection Act) 1994-02 Promoter/Host - fundraisers for Queer non-profits and individual causes 1994-96 Pro Bono Design, FTM Int'l - WorldÝs Largest Organization for the FTM Transpeople 1995-97 Presenter - LYRIC (Lavender Youth Rec. & Info. Center) - Gender Sensitivity 1994 Presenter - TARC (Tenderloin Aids Resource Center) - Gender Sensitivity Event Production 2002 Producer é Some Kind of Queer, A performance gala for trans, drag, intersex, genderqueer, and beyond at the SF LGBT Community Center é brought in 2,500 people and 200 new memberships. Solicited and coordinated performers. Coordinated publicity and press. Developed web site content. Print Design. Volunteer coordinator. 2001 Summit Director - International Lesbian and Gay Association Global Gay Summit, Oakland Annual conference of international LGBT membership organizations. Made travel arrangements for 150 delegates from 50 countries. Corresponded with embassies regarding visas. Liaison to local host committee. Communications coordinator for local and national press. Arranged evening entertainment. Supervised staff of four. Served on chairing pool. 2000-01 Media Awards Associate - Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Worked with Media Awards Committee and National Director of Special Events to produce San Francisco Media Awards. Solicited donations for silent auction. Liaison to venue and to celebrity award presenters. Developed and managed volunteer base. Coordinated publicity and press. 2000 Coordinator - Sugar Lift, The 2nd Annual GLBT Historical Society's Art & Award Affair at Yerba Buena Center é liaison between Historical Society and YBC, artists and event sponsors. Solicitation, tracking and display of work. Written and telephone communications. 1993-98 Promoter/Host - Club Confidential - A gender fluid, friendly, arty dress-up cabaret 1996 Promoter - More for Les fundraiser - raised $7,000 for ailing trans activist Les Feinberg Academic Honors 2002 Recipient é Sally Casnova California State Pre-doctoral Scholarship 2002 Recipient é Miriam C. Bernheim University Scholarship 1998 Paricipant - Institute for the Arts and Civic Dialog, Harvard, Cambridge, MA, Academic Presentations/Papers 2002 Presenter - SFSU History Department, Student Forum on Gender and Sexuality, May, 2 ýCatalytic Leadership in the TG Human Rights Movementţ Education 2003 San Francisco State University, Museum Studies, MA 1999 San Francisco State University, Art, BA - Magna Cum Laude 1986-88 San Francisco Art Institute, Painting & Sculpture


For more information contact: Eliot K Daughtry or Kriss De Jong