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Artist Statement

My introduction to the world of art was at my grandfather’s workbench, where he shared with me his knowledge of fine carving, and how to use all manner of tools. By the age of 10, I knew how to operate most power tools in a wood shop, and how to put a razor edge on a chisel. This early experience has given me great freedom in my work. A solid foundation in traditional craftsmanship, materials and discipline leads my focus on content, intent and balance. Over the years, an ever growing arsenal of techniques and seemingly unrelated technologies have allowed me to create works rich in both formal approach and meaningful subject matter.
As my understanding of content unfolded, a great desire to integrate my divergent approaches developed. A deep need to alter my physical environment to suit my emotional reality became a driving force in my existence. The cycles of work that have resulted from this have manifested as installations made for performances, performances made for installations, musical scores made from narrative illustration, improvisational music sessions on the internet, and cycles of work that encompass sculpture, stained glass, and painting as integrated installation. My work in one discipline seeps into the others, enriching each in a way that strengthens across boundaries, and redefines the reasons for the work to exist.

Twin forces in my personal life have driven me deep into the exploration of gender and technology. Because of my ability with technology of almost any kind, I found myself in demand in the burgeoning world of dot com startups in San Francisco. Struck by the artificially short life span of the very expensive black boxes that comprise the force that is the Internet, I started building sculptures out of the remnants of these machines. These constructions celebrate the quasi-spiritual reverence and mysticism that surrounds computers and Internet technology; items destined to become relics long before their useful life is ended. At the same time, another cycle of work started, realized in glass, wood and paint on panel, that delves into a dystopian experience of gender, male sexuality and identity that takes Pinnochio, Coyote, Joan of Arc and a World War I corporal as the avatars of deliverance.

I exist in a world that finds no contradiction between Louis Armstrong, The Dead Kennedys and Laurie Anderson; sees no difference between a work by Holly Hughes and the Simpsons; that celebrates Frank Miller on equal footing with Joseph Cornell. This world manifests in an insistent DIY methodology, that embraces the past, and looks constantly towards building a future; not hopeless, but knowing that participation is mandatory. This world takes artists as the primary force, makes possibilities that did not exist before, and meets at the crossroads.



Eliot K Daughtry   

Solo and Duo Exhibitions

DanceMission, Displacement/Flux, San Francisco, CA, 2002
SomArts, Flux, San Francisco, CA, 2002
Buddies, Selected Drawings, Chicago, IL, 1991
Suzie B's, Selected Drawings, Chicago, IL, 1990
ARC Gallery, Fragment, (installation) Chicago, IL, 1989

Group Exhibitions

SomArts, National Queer Arts Festival, EG: (r)evolution of Gender, San Francisco CA 2003
Pro Arts, East Bay Open Studios 2003, Oakland CA 2003
Public Glass, San Francisco 2003
Richmond Art Center, Members Only, Richmond CA, 2003
Right Mind(s), Emeryville, CA, 2003
Open Studios, Oakland, CA, 2002
Noodle Factory, West Oakland Day of Art, Oakland, CA,2002
Noodle Factory, Land of Frienz, Oakland, CA, 2002
Pilsen Art Walk, Chapel of St. Joan the Koyote, Chicago, IL, 1996
Beret International, Queer Art Show, Chicago, IL, 1991 (juried)

Book Art

Ltd. Edition Wall Calendar (with Kriss De Jong), 1999
The Bainsi Book & CD-Rom (ed of 30, with Kriss De Jong & AJ Elledge), 1997

Selected Performances

Poep Show Tour (California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) 2003
SomArts Rear Gallery, Mr Sister, San Francisco, CA 2003
SomArts Theater, Mediums Collide, Artists Combine, San Francisco CA 2003
Sacrifice, video improv, 40 at Sacrifice, San Francisco, CA 2003
40th St., video improv, 40 at 40th, Oakland, CA 2003
Dance Mission, video improv, Displacement, San Francisco, CA, 2002
Oakland Metro video improv, World HomoHop Fest, Oakland, CA, 2002
111 Minna, Red, in Passiondoll, Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers 2.0, San Francisco, CA, 1999
The Lab, in Passiondoll, Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers, San Francisco, CA, 1999
On the Boards Studio Theater, in Bad’N’Wrong, Electromuse II, Seattle, WA, 1999
Vickers Theater, Michigan Arts in a Co-Production between Killer Banshee
Productions & Abiogenesis, Do you have special needs? A site specific dance
performance on disability & nuclear emergency Planning, Three Oaks, MI, 1998
Gemini, in Bad’N’Wrong, John Perry Barlow’s 50th Birthday Party, New York, NY, 1998
Musik Messe, in Bad’N’Wrong, Performance Demonstration, Frankfurt, Germany, 1998
Wembley Stadium, in Bad’N’Wrong, New Music Festival, London, England, 1997
Centre Pompidou, New Music Center, in Bad’N’Wrong, ircam, Paris, France, 1997
Randolph St. Gallery, untitled, with Joan Jett Blakk and Beth Tanner, Chicago, IL, 1992
Beacon St Theatre, Baby New Year, with Beth Tanner, Chicago, IL, 1992
N.A.M.E, Big Art on Small Change: 64 cent Shopping Spree, Chicago, IL, 1991
Bailiwick Theatre, The Adored and the Adorned, (with Beth Tanner), Chicago, IL 1990


Passiondoll (with Kriss De Jong), Red, (released on Aural Fixation: Sonic Voyagers), 1999
Bad’n’Wrong (a collaborative improvisation group), Live Soundscapes vol. 1, 1997
Passiondoll (with Kriss De Jong), Vicious Ambience, 1996

Sound Design
By Hook or By Crook (as Killer Banshee Studios, with Kriss De Jong) a film by Harriet
Dodge and Silas Howard, Steak Haus Productions, 2001.
1061 Knapsack (as Killer Banshee Studios with Kriss De Jong), a film by Ross Schuman, 2001Score
“Godspeed” by Lynn Breedlove (with Kriss De Jong) 2002
“Baby New Year” by Beth Tanner, 1992
“P-Form circus” (public service announcement theme song for P-Form magazine), 1991
“The Adored and the Adorned” by Beth Tanner, 1991
“Here Kitty” for D’arcy Von Schultz, 1991


Studies in Vitreous Painting on Glass, Studio of Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY, 2002
BS Manufacturing Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL, 1998
BFA Performance and Video, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, 1989
AA Sculpture and Painting, NOVA, Alexandria Campus, Alexandria VA, 1987

For more information contact: Eliot K Daughtry or Kriss De Jong evolutionofgender@killerbanshee.com