Hien Nguyen


Featuring work by:

Tammy Rae Carland

Eliot K Daughtry

Kriss De Jong

Teri Claude Dowling

Jordy Jones

Jenny Michals

Hien Nguyen

Rev. Tim Taylor


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All images below © Hien Nguyen.

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Artist Statement PDF

Artist Statement

Hien Nguyen

Originally, I plan to include just my recent works for the show. However, Kriss and Eliot have convinced me to include my older works as well. Doing so would reveal the transformation through the years and a search for identity.

I started out working with bald beings as my subjects. They created a clone-like world where everyone is the same. There is no gender. There is no race. They could represent anyone. They could represent everyone. They could represent me.

Hair came into the picture at a time of frustration. I have not came out yet and that was probably a source of some of my madness. Hair gives a person identity. People judge each other on appearances. Hairstyle is one way to express oneself.

I started to work with the Madonna and child image in street painting festivals a couple of years ago. As a sexual being, I inevitably begin mixing sexuality with the religious theme. Growing up conservative and Catholic conflicts with growing up queer. I find myself exploring themes of safe sex, relationships, and masturbation in these works. The Madonna icon has warped and transformed to represent various people, including the male figure, and is coveting different objects. My recent work embraces on a world where everyone is a little different.


h i e n  n g u y e n


solo shows

Cafe Roma, San Francisco, CA, December 2000.
Pro Arts Open Studios, Oakland Asian Cultural Center,June 1999.
Art Collective Gallery, Berkeley, CA, March 1996.
National Gallery of Namibia, December 1994.
Basement Gallery, U.C. Davis, April 1992.

group shows

Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association- F.O.B. Show
Westminster, CA, September 2002.

Dimensional Alternatives- Feature Artist
San Leandro, CA, January 2002.

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA, September 2001.

The Oakland YWCA, Oakland, CA, May 2001.

Pro Arts, Oakland, CA, November 2000.

14th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibit, Emeryville, CA, October 2000.

ArtvanSF, San Francisco, CA, July 2000.

Pro Arts, Oakland, CA, October 1999.

13th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibit, Emeryville, CA, October 1999.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Oakland, CA, August 1999.

Pro Arts, Oakland, CA, October 1998.

SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, CA, June 1998.

Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA, February 1998.

Bucci's, Emeryville, CA, February 1997.

1870 Gallery, Belmont, CA, February 1996.

Memorial Union Gallery, U.C. Davis, April 1991 &1992.

Craft Center, U.C. Davis, May 1991 &1992.

Design Gallery, U.C. Davis, May 1990.

B.S. at University of California, Davis Studied with Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Peterson, Roy DeFrost, Timothy Berry and Robert Brokl.

For more information contact: Eliot K Daughtry or Kriss De Jong evolutionofgender@killerbanshee.com