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Empty Bottle is at 1035 N. Western, 773/276.3600

A fab neighborhood bar that gets lots of interesting bands, has a pool table that you can get around with a chair...

In rating Empty Bottle's space, I found:

How accessible is it?

It is TOTALLY accessible! And they have consciously worked at support this bar!!!

How problematic are the staff?!

Staff: Friendly neighborhood bartender types. No problems, but I haven't ever really needed their help for anything much besides getting me a beer. Very interesting to hang out and talk with if it isn't 11.30 on a Saturday night. (D'uh)

How problematic are the other patrons?!
Patrons: 12
This truly depends on the show. Sometimes people are great. Sometimes people are doofuses and clueless about letting you through and you have to bap them a good one with your footrests...the crowds that make me resort to this sort of behavior also have a tendency to think the hand rests of my chair are for coats.

Bruce is the fab guy that owns Ebottle. Their space is completely accessible --is totally accessible for most of the important areas. They even ramped up to the little balconylette and there are 3 steps up onto the if you are playing there it might make you a little crabby, but bathrooms, the area around the stage etc. is all accessible. Talking to people you will want to do in the laid back little side room where the pool table is...seating in the front area of the bar isn't very good for being able to socialize from is all bar stools. Ah, yes, and the entrance in the winter is that door that is a ways in from the corner, and it is a little tight turning room wise...depending on your chair of course. If you have trouble with it ask them to let you in through the corner door or through Bite. I have never had trouble getting the bartenders attention (I go to the end of the bar)or getting onto the is a bar bathroom, but very usable...both mens' and womens'.

Empty Bottle! Go there!

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